Our Services Include...

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Interior / Exterior Design

​We're different.  We help you achieve the look you desire for your home, your lifestyle...


"To each his own!" Many designers impose their favorite designs, colors and themes - into your home.  We don't. We look through "your eyes." Like contemporary? So do we!  Is country "your thing?"  Ours too! 


We'll work hard to implement your ideas, but there is a difference in what we offer you.  We work mainly with what you already have as best we can, be it a fresh paint job, furniture placement or just a simple, new way to arrange artwork or furnishings...saving money is foremost in our minds!  And those treasured pieces of artwork and antiques? We'll make them work. Everything, in a budget friendly way.

​Home Styling and Staging​...


"Help!  We're moving!  Our house is just not ready! We're not ready!"


Sound familiar?  We've been there, done that!  The best way to maximize your  asking and selling price is to make it ready--and fast. It's a proven FACT. Staged homes bring TOP DOLLAR AND QUICKER SALES.


We'll help you organize your spaces as well as your strategy.  You'll breathe easy, with de-cluttering help and deciding what to keep and what to toss.


Stylizing to assist you when you are ready to move and stage your home for sale. 


We're there for you every step of the way. We work WITH you as well as FOR you.